Cat Grooming Services In Your Home & Guideline Prices

Firstly, it is worth mentioning there is no such thing as a 'Standard Cat Groom Fee'.  
Awesome Paws Cat Grooming provides a Home Visit (mobile) Service, with all cat grooms undertaken in your home, priced accordingly.

There are a number of factors which need to be considered as part of the consultation and pricing before the start of the groom. They include the following:  
  • Condition of your cats coat
  • Age of your cat
  • Gender
  • Any health issues
  • Size of your cat
  • Cat breed and coat type
  • If your cat has been neutured
  • If your cat has had a litter before
  • If your cat has been professionally groomed before & by whom
  • Cat's behaviour & temperament during a professional groom

Services Provided

All cats will receive a Full Professional Groom.
This includes, as standard:
Collection of information by your Groomer about your cat including any medical conditions*, Consultation with full assessment of coat, bath, blow dry, comb out, clipping of minor knots / small areas to tidy up. Plus complimentary nail trims, eyes & ears cleaned as necessary. Plus Post-groom advice going forward on coat care including the best grooming tools to use and those to avoid.

*Any diagnosed medical conditions, especially regarding the heart or skin, must be disclosed by the Customer to the Groomer and cats must be regularly health checked by their Vet. If a Groomer has any concerns about your cats health or suitability to being professionally groomed, she may ask you to to contact your Vet prior to agreeing to undertake any grooming.  

Home Visit Fee
This is a separate fee to the Groom Fee and which contributes to the distance your Groomer travels, fuel costs, time spent driving, vehicle maintenance etc.

The minimum charge is £25, depending on distance and the number of other grooms in your area on the same day (as this keeps the Home Visit Fee down).    

The Home Visit Fee is payable within 24 hours of an appointment date & time being agreed, payable by bank transfer, to secure the appointment.  

Groom Fee
The Groom Fee depends on the job being undertaken. The following is a guide only:

Full groom for a medium sized long-haired cat in good health & temperament with minimal knots having a bath, blow dry, comb out, minor clipping, complimentary nail trim, eyes and ears cleaned, post groom professional advice from £65.  

Full groom, including lion clip from £90
Full groom, including teddy bear / comb clip from £95

Badly matted coats, additional charges from £20 upwards
Pelted coats, charges to be advised when assessed.  

All other grooms, estimates to be discussed on a case by case basis.   

Groom Fees are payable immediately upon completion of the groom.  

Terms and Conditions
A copy of our Terms and Conditions will be sent to you by email.  Prices and Terms and Conditions are subject to change.  

Covid-19 Protocol
During these times of living with Covid-19, a separate Protocol will be sent to each Customer prior to the date of the groom. This follows both Government & Pet Industry Guidelines and subject to change at any time. Awesome Paws Cat Grooming will only Home Visit if the Customer agrees to comply with the Protocol in place at the time for the safety of both Customer & Cat Groomer. Thank you for your understanding.  

Enquiries & Booking
To make an enquiry, please submit your details about your cat & coat issues below.